Lost Key Programming

Do you have a motorcycle that is missing all its keys ?

If your transponder key equipped motorcycle has no keys it can be a costly excercise to obtain new ones.
Unfortunately most dealers cannot help unless you are willing to purchase a new ECU and key set at quite a large cost to the customer.

Well we can help to get your much loved motorcycle operating again with a new key set at a fraction of the new price of a replacement ECU.

What is involved ?

It does largely depend on the model and type of bike as to the type of work required.
Some models we can read the ECU source code and reset the immobiliser codes to suit a new set of keys.
On other models it may be required to slightly open up the ECU to read the required codes and carry out the necessary programming. It all depends upon the ECU.

** If you ECU does require to be opened to retrieve its code, it will be fully sealed using high quality resins as per the original unit. Once completed it is very difficult to tell that we have had your ECU opened. We pride ourselves on providing a working and clean product to our customers.

All our work is done by a qualified technician with over 20 years experience in electronics including robotics, CNC repairs and precision instrumentation repair and calibration.