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Kawasaki Ultra Jetski Key Programming

Do you have a Kawasaki Ultra Jetski and have no keys for it ?
You do not need to buy a new ECU anymore.
We can add a new set of keys to get you back into the water.

Our service includes all the Ultra models 250, 260, 300 & 310 series skis.

Whether you have no keys or just want a spare we have a solution.


Honda NSR250 MC28

This lovely little 2 stroke is the first model ever made that has no physical ignition switch.
Even more impressive it uses an electromagnetic card to start which is coded to the CDI unit.
Honda has stopped supplying these and offering programming services.
We are able to code a replacement card to your CDI if all are lost or even program a spare card if needed.

Whether it be a standard card or a HRC card we have a solution for these lovely little motorcycles.