As can be seen on our website we do service the motorcycle industry in the high technology area. Gone are the days where the average mechanic has the knowledge to disassemble and spend time carrying out repairs to instrument assemblies and ECUs.

Matching of components via code work and intermittent fault finding are unfortunately not taught at trade schools to decent levels due to lack of knowledge from the instructors and the curriculum being covered. These days you read the error code and replace the item as per the workshop manual without anyone asking WHY HAS IT FAILED !! If the fault does not go away then the poor wiring harness gets the chop up treatment and if nothing is found the poor ECU is to blame. But still at this level even though the poor ECU is blamed most mechanics cannot explain to the customer why.  Quite often the conversation goes “yes it seems like it is probably the ECU. It will cost about $xxxx but we are not 100% sure so if it does not fix it then you still need to pay for the parts and labour”  Is this fair ???

We have had about 30 years experience in industrial automation covering simple machines to 5 axis CNC machines and robotics. Fault finding to keep production running quickly has always been the focus as if machine lines don’t run then productivity stops. It is very essential to co-ordinate the maintenance activities with production supervision to allow alterations to the production schedule and labour should a machine require significant repairs.

We have had considerable experience with Fanuc 3ML and 3TL CNC systems including repairs to power units, servos and also service work to the DC motors. This goes also the same for the earlier generation Yaskawa Motion pack 33 NC systems. Repairs and fault finding as these are an old system and there were no direct replacement parts available. We have experience with Mitsubishi C64 and C70 series CNC systems and also the newer Fanuc 18i CNC systems.

We have extensive experience with the Toyopuc PLC systems from the early M series and all the later generations PC1, PC2, PC3J, PC10, PCk05, PCk06 and a fair bit of the other Jtekt equipment such as their MC1K series controllers and their minature series PLC units. We have also worked with the Hitachi series PLCs such as the D series and then the later EM and H series which are no longer supported here in Australia. Also the Omron series of PLCs has also been quite common in our workplace.

We are able to carry out repairs and programming to most of the Koyo (Jtekt) touch screens from 6 inch to 12 inch units. Many of the earlier screens do unfortunately die over time due to their design and a repair is just not viable or possible. We have also had experience with the Hakko touch screens and some of the Omron series screens.

Then also all the basic motor control from standard DOL systems to inverter based systems has been quite common and is used in one form or another in most businesses.

Of course repairs to PLC cards, power supplies and even some electronic hydraulic pumps. We are probably one of the few people worldwide that can successfully repair the dreaded E80 alarm on the earlier Daikin Eco-Rich inverter power units.

So there you have it. Just some technology has been covered that we have been exposed to. So should you have a machine that is giving you grief and you are unable to get it satisfactorily sorted then we may be able to assist. Perhaps converting an old relay control cabinet to PLC logic for better reliability and easier fault finding. While we don’t build machines we have access to companies that can design and quote to your specific needs. Maybe you have bought a machine recently from the auctions and can’t get it fired up ?   Have a machine requiring new sensors or switches and not sure of what to buy or how to best install it ? Then perhaps we can help

Remember many machines are reliable. Unfortunately the maintenance aspect gets overlooked and then all of a sudden the equipment that you use to make money is sitting idle costing you money. Just like a car you do the basic service, change the oil and filter, check the tyres, give it a wash occasionally but what about your machinery ? Burnt contactor contacts, smelly hydraulic oil, air leaks, noisy motors. This will all cause lost production and yes we can help with a maintenance plan that is easy to manage.

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