We offer lost key programming for all Honda motorcycles.

Models such as CB400, CBR600, CBR650, CBR900, CBR929, CBR954, CBR1000, CB1100, ST1300, XL1000, VT400, VT1300, VFR800, VFR1200 and NC700 are just a few of the models in the Honda lineup with the HISS immobiliser system that we cater for.

The list of Honda motorcycles is quite large so if your model is not listed please contact us and I am sure that we can help getting you back on the road.

We can also cut your key to suit your ignition switch including the latest models with the external cut sidewinder keys.

Also now we are also offering full programming options for the Honda NSR250 MC28 motorcycle. We are able to code all serial numbers for a spare card or even if you have a PGM IV CDI with no cards we can add one for you. If you need a power up and require a HRC card then we can code these too either to suit your PGM IV or convert a spare standard card to HRC specification. HRC card programming options are P-000, P-010, P-020 & P-030.
In many cases we have cards in stock if you are unable to supply a spare.

Services we offer for this brand of motorcycle:
Program new keys to suit ECU when all keys are lost.
Adding of an extra key.
Cutting keys to match your ignition.

Services we offer specifically for the Honda MC28:

PGM IV card conversion (STD card -> HRC card).
Adding an extra card to a PGM IV CDI.
Adding a card to a PGM IV CDI that has no cards
Cloning of a PGM IV card
Mileage correction on a PGM IV CDI and all repairs.